Cosplay Contestants! The Official Rules and Entry forms for this 2019’s cosplay contest are now available!

We have streamlined the rules and forms to make entering the contest easier than ever! We will have printed forms for you to fill out at the Cosplay Desk, but we are also accepting online submissions for the first time this year! After reading the rules, please keep in the mind the following before sending us an online copy of your entry form:(1) Badges are required and contestants will be required to have badges when checking in to the Cosplay Contest. While you will not need to show proof of registration when you send us the form online, you will be required to show proof of registration (your badge) before physically entering the cosplay contest room. For child entries, badges are not required for parents or guardians of contestants age 13 or younger.

(2) You will still be required to be present at Cosplay Line-Up, starting at 12:00 P.M. on Saturday in Main Programming. Submitting your cosplay form online does not allow you to check in late, as we will be numbering entries at the cosplay contest. If you fill out the craftsmanship judging portion of the form, it is especially important for you to be on time so you can let the judges see your costume up close!

(3) If you have pre-recorded music or audio for your skit, you will need to bring it in person. We have special clearance to use USB device this year, but you will need to have that CD or USB device physically with you at the cosplay contest.

The last day to send Cosplay Contest forms online is November 7th (The Thursday Prior to the Convention.) After Thursday we will no longer accept online submissions, but you can freely register in person while the Cosplay Desk is open. Typically the Cosplay Desk closes right before we open up for lineup on Saturday at 12:00 PM, but you are encouraged to register as soon as possible!

You can send your form, or any cosplay contest questions to:

We look forward to seeing you on stage ~ !