Voice Actors and Industry

Junko Takeuchi -


Birthplace: Saitama Japan

Birthday: April 5th, 1972

Height: 151cm
Shoe size: 23.0cm
Hobby: Illustration, watching professional wrestling, and reading
Skill: Ballet 
Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto Shippuden), Mamoru Endo (Inazuma Eleven), Red (Pokemon the Origin), Sabo (One Piece), Ganta (Doraemon), Takuya Kanbara and Gomamon (Digimon), Mokuba Kaiba (Yu Gi Oh!), Kamatari Honjo (Rurouni Kenshin),… and more!
Radio shows: Naruto Shippu Jinrai, Takeuchi Junko no Girly Daigaku, Teiden Radio
She as also done many voice-overs and narrations for movies and TV shows.
Official blog “BAMBOOKID Life”
Free web fan club “Chikuwa-bu”

Musical Guests

Ganglion -


Girls band “Ganglion” was formed in August 2010. The name “Ganglion” means “center of creative activity”, symbolizes their goal to create new sounds with members various backgrounds including Pops, metal, and emo.
Since their debut, they’ve held many sold-out shows, and now their fan base expands overseas. They are planning their first performance in USA this fall.
The first press of their first full album sold out instantly in 2012. Their latest mini-album ranked 1st on Tower Records J-Pop ranking.
Oni (Vo & Guitar) is also a well known fashion model featured in popular fashion magazine “KERA!”, expanding their fan base to include mid-high schoolers.

IMERUAT featuring FINAL FANTASY XIII composer Masashi Hamauzu and vocalist Mina


IMERUAT is a prominent music group formed by composer Masashi Hamauzu and vocalist Mina. Known around the world for his compositions for popular video games, among them Final Fantasy XIII, Hamauzu has earned a reputation among contemporary Japanese musicians as a master of his craft. He is joined by Mina, whose training is reflected in her exceptional vocal style and research into her Ainu ancestry. Her knowledge of traditional instruments is informed by a deep respect for the culture of Japan’s indigenous peoples. After years of preparation, the duo’s collaboration has culminated in the creation of the music series IMERUAT. (In the Ainu language, the name carries the meaning “Flash of light.”) Already the unique combination of Hamauzu’s progressive compositional style and Mina’s vocals have impressed audiences during concerts taking place in Poland, France, United States, Switzerland and Japan, garnering recognition among international audiences.

Symphonic Fantasies & Distant World Soloist Benyamin Nuss


Benymain Nuss joins IMERUAT as a composer and soloist.

He was the featured soloist in the award winning “Symphonic Fantasies” recording and his first CD released by “Deutsche Grammophon” is a tribute to the legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu, who scored the music for the most famous Role Play Game of all times, “Final Fantasy”. In 2010 Benyamin did a well-received tour through Germany, where he played in most of the major concert halls, like Berlin “Philharmonie”, Frankfurt “Alte Oper”, Hamburg “Laeiz Halle”, Stuttgart “Liederhalle” and many more. Besides he appeared as a major soloist of the “Symphonic Fantasies” and “Distand World” concerts in Tokyo, Chicago, Cologne and Stockholm.

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