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Mardelas was formed after the vocalist Marina departed from the all female rock band DESTROSE in 2014 to pursue her own musical path.  She assembled an all star cast of musicians and independently released the single Daybreak/Phantasia.  With the independent success of the single, they were quickly picked up by the major label KING RECORDS and released their major debut album in April of 2015.  Since the release they have toured Japan with every show being sold out.   The album received one of the top ratings and received rave reviews from the number 1 Japanese national major heavy metal magazine; BURRN.  Mardelas will make its U.S. debut this October 2015 in Galveston, TX.

Mardelas is:
Vocal: Marina Hebiishi (ex DESTROSE)
Guitar: Kikyo Oikawa
Bass: hibiki (ex Light Bringer)
Drums: Hideaki “Yumi” Yumida (
ex Saber Tiger)



Blood Stain Child


BLOOD STAIN CHILD is a trance metal band from the city of Osaka, Japan. They are influenced by trance, melodic death metal, pop and also visual kei elements. The band formed under the name “Vision Quest” in 1999, but reformed under the name BLOOD STAIN CHILD in 2000.

BLOOD STAIN CHILD was formed in 2000 by RYO (vocal, bass), RYU (guitar), DAIKI (guitar), AKI (keyboard), and VIOLATOR (drums). In August 2000, BLOOD STAIN CHILD recorded their first demo, which consisted of the songs “Silence Of Northern Hell”, “Requiem”, and “Legend Of Dark”. The band sent that demo to a radio station and the DJ enjoyed the music so much that he recommended the band to the record label, M&I Company, who eventually signed BLOOD STAIN CHILD.

Current Members
Vocal: KiKi (2012-present)
Vocal, Bass: RYO (2000–present)
Guitar: RYU (2000–present)
Guitar: G.S.R (2007–present)
Keyboard: AKI (2000–present)
Drums: GAMI (2010-present)

Project BECK


Six Friends – Four Bands – One Love!

American Pop Punk band The Cheyenne Line, Youtube musician Kid Yuki, and long time friend and bassist Houston all shared one thing in common; They LOVED Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad. So, after years of traveling from state to state attending conventions as fans, these guys decided to combine their talents. With the help of voice actor Greg Ayres, and nerdcore rapper Doctor Awkward they formed a band to perform their favorite songs from Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad. Originally meant to be a one performance only project, they were thrilled to find out that so many others wanted to share in the experience as well. Join Sam, Greg, Doc, Peri, Houston, and Cody for their Oni-Con performance full of loud rock music, adrenaline, and celebration of an anime that was made to Hit in The U.S.A.


Industry Guests


Chris Headshot3

Christopher Ayres has been working professionally in theatre, television and film since the age of 6. His work has been seen Regionally, Nationally and on Broadway.  He currently  works as a A.D.R. director at Sentai Film Works  and as a voice actor has worked for Sentai Film Works, ADV films, Amusement park Media, New Gen Pictures Okratron 5000 and FUNimation Entertainment.  As an A.D.R. Director  his credits include: BEYOND THE BOUNDARY, HAMATORA, BLACK BULLET, FROM THE NEW WORLD, TAMAKO MARKET, MARIAH HOLIC, MARIA HOLIC ALIVE, HAKKENDEN, AKB0048, KOKORO CONNECT, LITTLE BUSTERS, SAY I LOVE YOU, SHINING HEARTS, ANOTHER, MAYO CHIKI, DUSK MAIDEN OF AMNESIA, BODACIOUS SPACE PIRATES, MAJIKO: OH SAMURAI GIRL, HAKUOKI, , BOOK OF BANTORRA, EF~A TALE OF MEMORIES, EF~ A TALE OF MELODIES, NIGHT RAID 1931, THE NERIMA DAIKON BROTHERS, XENOSAGA: The Animation, MAGIKANO, MERMAID MELODY PITCHI PITCHI PITCH and assistant director for THE WALL FLOWER and TSURITAMA  Some of the roles as a voice actor Chris is best known for are Frieza in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F,  Kei Kourono in Gantz, Arthur in Tears to Tiara, Suitengu in Speed Grapher, The Covenant Commander in Halo: Legends, Von Kampfer in Trinity Blood, Hayashimizu in Full Metal Panic? Fummofu, Prince Soma in Black Butler, Yaminami in Peacmaker, Takada Shingin in Sengoku Basara, and  DJ Plugman in Air Gear as well as a number of other shows.  Chris also works as a professional fight director and has enjoyed bringing his workshop “Mock Combat for Cosplay” to many conventions.




Greg Ayres has spent the last fourteen years working in an industry he had admired for years as a fan. With over 200 credits to his name, this fan-boy has managed to get to play a variety of characters that are almost as colorful as his hair. He’s thrilled to splash his way into 2015 in the role of Nagisa Haruki in Free Eternal Summer, and equally as excited to “kill” as MonoKuma in Danganronpa (premiering at this year’s OniCon), and Doug in Gangsta. He was thrilled to be a part of the Toonami re-launch last summer, in the roles of Ganta Igarashi in Deadman Wonderland, and Heihachi Hayashida in Samurai 7, and even more thrill to follow that up the following summer’s thriller Another as Kouichi Sakakibara. His most recent roles include Satoru Asahina in From the New World, Kenji Nakanishi in Say I Love You, Sion in No. 6, Heisuke Toudou in Hakuoki, Tommyrod in Toriko, Arikawa in This Boy Can Fight Aliens, Tomoki Sakurai in Heaven’s Lost Property, and Volken in the Book of Bantorra. Some of his all-time favorite roles include Son Goku in Saiyuki, Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Kaoru Hitachiin in Ouran High School Host Club, Youhei Sunohara in Clannad, Yuki in The Wallflower, Leo in Ghost Stories, Satoshi Hiwatari in DNAngel, Kaworu Nagisa in the Director’s Cut of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Negi Springfield in Negima. He can also be heard as Uesugi Kenshin in Sengoku Basara, Seikechi Tayama in Oh Edo Rocket, Hiro Hirono in ef: A Tale of Memories, Abe in Big Windup, Jr. in Xenosaga: The Animation, Tsujido in Speed Grapher, Roan in Ragnarok The Animation, Yamazaki in Welcome to the NHK, Gau Ban in Shadow Skill, Pope Alessandro XVIII in Trinity Blood, and a bunch of other titles he’ll probably forget to mention

When he’s not in a booth with headphones on, you can usually find him sporting headphones behind “the decks”at many a music event. A veteran nightclub DJ of many years, he jumped at the opportunity to play music and organize late night dances at many of the conventions he attends. He currently runs and organizes the dance and music tracks at several US conventions. Greg is also a member of Project BECK, who perform the music from the anime Beck Mongolian Chop Squad, and has had blast reliving the music from that show with his friends. Always thrilled share his love of music with anyone willing to listen -from packed rooms at anime conventions, to the legendary stage of The Knitting Factory (NYC), he’s always ready to make a little noise.




Since 2001, Christopher Bevins has recorded, cast, directed, produced, acted in and/or adapted scripts for over 100 anime series, movies and specials. His voice directing credits include King of Thorn, Princess Jellyfish, Sengoku Basara, .hack//Quantum, Heaven’s Lost Property, The Sacred Blacksmith, Samurai 7, Speed Grapher, Mongolian Chop Squad (with Taliesin Jaffe), Witchblade, El Cazador de la Bruja, Burst Angel, and Dragon Ball GT. Chris’ recent and upcoming voice directing work includes Michiko & Hatchin, Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing, Jormungand, and Aquarion EVOL.

Christopher is also an accomplished voice actor, with roles such as Japan in Hetalia, Mercutio in Romeo x Juliet, Apollo in Aquarion, Amata in Aquarion EVOL, Fastener in Panty & Stocking, Hiroshi in Michiko and Hatchin, Lahar in Fairy Tale, Kenji in Initial D, Nicholas in Baccano!, Shishi Wakamaru in Yu Yu Hakusho, Lafitte and Shu Shu in One Piece, Bee the Puppy in Dragon Ball Z, and Beck the Dog in Mongolian Chop Squad. He has also played various characters and critters in Steins;Gate, Toriko, Shiki, Sgt. Frog, Soul Eater, Black Butler, Shin chan, Fruits Basket, Big Windup!, Fullmetal Alchemist (both series), Ouran High School Host Club, Dragon Ball, Case Closed and many more. Chris has also worked on several video games, most notably as the English-language voice of Dhalsim in Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter x Tekken. You can also shoot him numerous times as several cannon-fodder characters in Borderlands 2.

Follow Christopher on Twitter @VoiceofBevins




Cynthia Cranz is a professional actress from Ft Worth TX who has voiced many roles in anime and video games over the course of her career. She can be heard in a number of titles including: Chi Chi in Dragon Ball Z; Boton in Yu Yu Hakusho; Mitch in Case Closed; Paninya in Full Metal Alchemist; Bellemere in One Piece; Mitzi in Shin Chan; Chieko in Princess Jellyfish; Rika in Summer Wars; Diana in Lupin the 3rd; Coach Momoa in Big Windup; Fei Ku in Negima; Lisa in Soul Eater; Ferro in Gun Slinger Girl; Sarah in D. Gray-Man; Dog Girl in Desert Punk; Mii in Fruits Basket; Yuko in Hell Girl; Mira and Kenichi in High School DxD; Joanna and Rin in Michiko and Hatchin; Tsurara (Misore’s mom) in Rosario + Vampire; Ethan in Monster Tale; Meow’s mom in Space Dandy and many, many more.



Clarine Harp 2011

Clarine Harp has been a mainstay in anime for over a decade, first featured in Kiddy Grade to give life to the character of Tweedledee in 2003. Since that first role, Clarine’s acting talents have been highlighted through the voices of a broad range of popular characters: Hetalia (China, Taiwan), Burst Angel (Sei), Samurai 7 (Sanae), Speed Grapher (Ginza), Negima (Kaede), Shin chan (Miss Katz), Witchblade (Asagi), Trinity Blood (Mary), and RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ (Laura).

Clarine can also be heard in Cat Planet Cuties, Corpse Princess/Shikabane Hime, Sekirei, The Sacred Blacksmith, El Cazador de la Bruja, Claymore, Jyu-Oh-Sei, Beck, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Case Closed, Evangelion 1.0, D.Gray-man, Bamboo Blade, Aquarion, LASTEXILE – Fam, the Silver Wing-, Tower of Druaga, Ouran High School Host Club, Heaven’s Lost Property, Jormugand, One Piece and many more.

Out of the booth, Clarine helps produce great anime in the United States through her job as Director of DVD, Blu-ray and Video Production for FUNimation. In her spare time you’ll find her commanding a horde of rabbits and spreading the gospel of sock knitting far and wide. Fun fact: Clarine is also the inspiration behind the character of Aubrey in the popular webcomic, Something Positive.



Profile pic (1)

Taliesin Jaffe started his career as a child actor appearing in films such as Mr. Mom, 2010 and Explorers, and television shows such as She’s the Sheriff, Amazing Stories and The Facts of Life. After a brief adventure living in Japan, he went on to work as an ADR director and script adaptor for animation and video games, and has been involved with the production of shows such as Hellsing, ROD the TV, NieA_7, BECK, Hellgirl, Romeo X Juliet, 3×3 Eyes, The End of Evangelion, Texhnolyze, Haibane Renmei, and Monster. He has also directed the English voice over for many games including the Street Fighter IV series, Sengoku Basara, Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Taliesin has also worked as a voice actor, lending is voice to characters such as Blanka and Adon (Street Fighter IV), Darion Mograine, Admiral Ripsnarl and the Devourer of Souls (World of Warcraft), Edge (Final Fantasy IV), Thancred (Final Fantasy XIV), The Flash (Mortal Kombat vs. DC), Takeya (DearS), Joe (Speed Grapher), Junkers (Monster), Hatomura (Paranoia Agent), Mori Koji (I My Me! Strawberry Eggs), Hanasho (Girls Bravo), Kenkichi (Kamichu!), Kannei (Ikki Tousen), and Rufus (Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria), Preta Ghoul (Black Cat), Bucci (GunXSword), Koshinae (I’s), Aaron (Gundam UC), and Inui (Texhnolyze) to name just a few. Taliesin has won numerous awards for his efforts, and has recently directed the dub for Hellsing Ultimate 9-10 and Akiba’s Trip and is playing Dyst in Fairy Tail: the Movie, Kagura in Aquarion Evol, Ga’nar in Lords of War, The Prosecutor in Space Dandy and Hawkins in One Piece. Currently you can watch him most Thursday nights on Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role.




With over 100 credits to his name, Jerry Jewell can be heard in a wide variety of shows.  He’s probably best known for his roles as Kyo Sohma in Fruits Basket, Jimmy Kudo in Case Closed, Barry the Chopper/Number 66 in Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Claire Stanfield in Baccano!, Russia in Hetalia: Axis Powers and Lau in Black Butler.  He most recently can be heard as Aion in Show By Rock!! and as Momotaro Mikoshiba in Free! Eternal Summer.
Other popular roles include Lyon in Fairy Tail, Taira in Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Kaworu Nagisa in the Evangelion movies: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, Happiness Bunny in Shin-Chan, Rin Tsuchimi in Shuffle, Zelman Clock in Black Blood Brothers, Dio in Casshern Sins, Suzaku and Jin in Yu Yu Hakusho, and Akito Hayama in Kodocha.
He can also be heard in Dragon Ball, Eden of the East, Ouran High School Host Club, One Piece, Tsubasa, Trinity Blood, Soul Eater and a lot of other things that he may or may not remember or admit.
Having worked as a voice actor for FUNimation since 2001, Jerry has recently taken on a different role at FUNimation, that of ADR Director.  His first show was Blood C, followed by Shakugan no Shana III, Toriko, We Without Wings, Senran Kagura, Kamisama Kiss, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, episodes 313 – 324 of One Piece and Is This a Zombie?  One of his most recent projects was Free! Eternal Summer.
Jerry is very honored to have had the opportunity to work with a very talented and dedicated group of people at FUNimation, that take the quality of what they do very seriously.  Well…seriously enough.
Official Website:
Coming straight from YouTube and as a part of NormalBoots, ProJared produces retro reviews, comedic playthroughs and shares his love of tabletop RPGs and card games. His articulate monologues and professional editing make him one of the top game reviewers on YouTube.




Xander Mobus is a voice over actor who lives and works in the Los Angeles area. Though fairly new to the VO scene, he’s been lucky enough to be a part of commercials and animation, though he is probably best known for his work in video games. He can be heard as the Merchant Sereth in Dust: An Elysian Tail, Christo in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, The Jack Fan Club in Tales from the Borderlands, Sergei Strelka in Tales of Zestira and The Announcer, Master Hand and Crazy Hand in Super Smash Bros. For Wii-U and 3DS




“Hey, y’all! I’m Carli Mosier. I’m a native Texan and so excited to be spending Halloween with you and everyone here at my favorite convention!

“As an actress for Sentai Filmworks, Seraphim Studios and Funimation I’ve voiced tons of characters that I love but some standouts include Yukika in Nerima Daikon Brothers, Daisy in Halo Legends, Astraea in Heaven’s Lost Property and Akira Yoshii in Baka and Test. But, really, I love it all and hope you do, too! There are also some really exciting new shows coming up! And…no…I can’t tell ya, don’t ask…just trying to get you excited to continue supporting this industry we love!

“I live the other half of my life as a singer and guitar player for several bands. Music is just the best magic!

“Now let’s get out there and make this the best Oni-Con yet!”




Rachel Robinson’s voice spans the arenas of national commercials,
animation, video games, narration, promos and now, most recently,
anime. She is likely best known for her memorable role as Oerba
Yun Fang, of Final Fantasy XIII, reprising it in Final Fantasy XIII-
2 and for the third and final time in Lightning Returns: Final
Fantasy. Soon, she will be voicing the role of Nova in the upcoming
voice-controlled strategy game There Came an Echo with Wil
Wheaton.  Other noted video game roles (including but not limited
to): Argonian Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors and Hagraven – The Elder
Scrolls Online, Charr Rox Whetstone + ancillaries – Guild Wars 2,
Celsius – Tales of Xillia (1 and 2), Holly Whyte – Bravely Default,
Commander Nowak – Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut, Female Veteran
– Defiance, Sara Sidle – CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, NC Survivor –
Planetside 2, The President – Bombshell, and currently about 12
roles in Firefall, that range in dialect and volume from Texan to
Australian to Irish to Mid-Atlantic to Ukranian and tons in between.
The different personalities in her love that.
In anime, she can be heard as the tattooed, chainsmoking and fun-loving
Nazi vampire, Zorin Blitz in Hellsing Ultimate *(shameless plug: on
Toonami in September!); Empress Megaria, Lord of the Darkness Realm, in
Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, and violet-haired and short tempered
warrior/schoolgirl Uncho Kan’u in Ikki Tousen. Other roles include Queen
Elizabeth II – Hetalia: The Beautiful World; nun-with-an-agenda Lidvia
LorenzettiA Certain Magical Index II, Yuki MizushimaThe Devil is
a Part Timer!, various roles in both Attack on Titan and Space Dandy,
and major roles in two respective forthcoming, awesome and still-hush-hush
series that it’s killing her not to talk about.
The Access Cosplay Orchestra feat. Lauren the Flute (of The Returners), a Houston-based chamber orchestra whose members happen to be avid cosplayers as well, will perform selections from Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Studio Ghibli! Led by Texas Cosplayer Cinnabunny, ACO was also placed as 2nd runner-up in SQUARE ENIX’s Theatrhythm: FINAL FANTASY “Legacy of Music” contest, judged by acclaimed Final Fantasy composer (and previous Oni-Con guest) Nobuo Uematsu!




Atelier Heidi is an award-winning cosplayer and artist based of out Dallas, Texas. She spent the summer of 2014 as an intern at God Save the Queen Fashions and is currently pursuing a BFA in Theatrical Technology and Design. She specializes in leather working and sewing, but her portfolio includes everything from SFX makeup to casting and foam fabrication. Heidi focuses her efforts on excellent craftsmanship and versatility. Her credentials as a cosplay judge include the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries 2015, SXSW, and RTX.




Mariam, also known as Mintplosion, is a gamer, singer, entertainer, model, fashion designer & cosplayer from Mexico. She started cosplaying in 2007 and among geek things she has done, she was part of Anime Oshimai and Desvelados Twitcam, TV shows about anime, manga, comics and videogames.  She has articles published in Arigato Magazine and on the IXN network.  Mariam served as Crunchyroll Latin America‘s Community Manager for two years and has placed as a World Cosplay Summit Mexico finalist in three different occasions.

Mariam has also hosted at several conventions around Mexico, being a regular for Shiroitsuki Fest Guadalajara and FASIC Zacatecas.  She is currently co-host for Japon Para Llevar (Japan to Go) an FM radio show, and co-host for Supa Rabu KPOP, an online radio show, as well as Ixogenesis on YouTube.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, series and asian dramas, cooking desserts and of course, cosplaying!




April Martin (Azure Props) is a Prop-Maker, Cosplayer, Illustrator and Gamer based out of Dallas, TX. Her best known works are the Jagged Crown (Skyrim) and the Devil and God masks (Castlevania). To date, she has won multiple awards including Masters and Best in Show and has judged at conventions throughout Texas and Louisiana. Her dream is to make a real suit of Halo Mjolnir armor. Let the sanding begin!


Carl Martin, and his group Shinka Studios, have been a staple of the Texas convention scene for many years. Best-know for his appearance on the SyFy Channel‘s Heroes of Cosplay,Carl has also been featured in Game Informer, Cosplay in America, and Forbes. In addition to judging and emceeing cosplay contests across the nation, Carl has also served as a professional prop and costume consultant and enjoys participating in charity events such as Extra Life.



“Swirling from an amalgamation of untampered creative madness and pure passion for the future and the nerdy Jesse Thaxton arrived into the world of cosplay when there just wasn’t enough to do in the small town she grew up in! It eventually led to a pursuit of fashion design, which led into not only fashion design, but costume design and fabrication in film, stage and haunted attractions. While stalking the decrepit warehouses and ancient fancies of humanity long since past, Jesse finds her inspiration in the truly odd and bizarre wonders. When she is not pursuing her cosmic destiny of designing fashion for the most excellent of fashionistas, Jesse enjoys pretending being fake people, killing the undead, collecting spores, molds and fungus, and pursuing the family business of Saving people and hunting things. She can be found in late night Korean eateries drawing up ridiculous costumes or in every possible location– from cars to hotel rooms to campsites with just a solar panel– sewing frantically while muttering about getting it all done.”

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