Information and registration for Vendors for Oni-Con XIV (2017) can be found below.

Artist Alley
Artist Alley is currently sold out but filling out the Registration form will place you on a waiting list for an available table. Oni-Con XIV (2017) Artist Alley Layout will be posted once all artist’s tables have been finalized. The answers to most questions about rules, policies and regulations can be found by reading over the Artist Alley contract found below. If you have any questions, please contact the Vendor’s Director.
Registration Form (Wait List)

Dealer’s Room
Dealer’s Room registration for Oni-Con XIV (2017) is now live. Below you can find the links for the Dealer’s Room contract, Registration, and the present layout. Questions about rules, policies, and regulations for the Dealer’s Room can likely be answered by reading over the contract found below. If you have any questions please contact the Vendor Director.

Oni-Con XIV – Dealer’s Room Contract

Oni-Con XIV – Dealer’s Room Registration

Oni-Con XIV – Dealer’s Room Layout (note: grey booths are no longer available)


For questions about Dealers Room or Artist Alley, please contact the Vendor Director.