Oni-Con Battlegrounds

Clash of the Foam

Every year at Oni-Con, swords clash and rivalries smash as Oni-Con Battlegrounds continues to bring you the Fight. If you’re just wanting to watch the show or ready to take up arms yourself; the battlegrounds would be a shame to miss out on!
Lasting all weekend Friday through Sunday11AM to 11PM; there is and never will be any shortage of chances to prove your martial prowess among peers from all over the world.
At Oni-Con Battlegrounds, we combine a simple, intuitive leveling system that allows you to work up to new weapons and styles among varied classes to compete with in the final tournament. Your progress is recorded on site and maintained year through year so that every victory you experience continues with you into the next brackets. New events and games every year.
With dozens of different game types and crowd favorites, the action is nonstop all weekend long. Best of all, it is
*completely free* with your Oni-Con Badge. Battlegrounds is here to ensure that day or night, you have something to experience at all times. You need only show up, sign up, and get ready for battle!
Will you stand up to the legacy of thousands of warriors before you? Will you make your name known among the returning champions, rise to join them? There is only one way to find out. And it’s at Oni-Con Battlegrounds.
Enough watching others clash in your favorite anime. Pick up your favorite weapon and live the battle yourself! See you on the field!