The Arcade is open the entire length of the convention!

Oni-Cade is here to fulfill your gaming hopes and dreams. This is a fan run arcade/gaming room taking up over 5,150 square feet and runs the entire length of the convention. Oni-Cade never closes! Each one of those square feet is full of both the future and past of gaming. This past year we had an expanded VR set up as well as classic gaming. We bring you a mix of arcade games, big screen gaming, current gen consoles and of course a few surprises as well. Oni knows that the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs so he will set up you with all sorts of treats (no tricks here, sorry spirits of Halloween) straight from Japan. Don’t forget to take a look at the Dump table for an assortment of flyers, fans, posters and ads to take while supplies last or just look at.

Tournament details are still being worked out but be sure to stop by here for all of the latest updates and changes. One important note is to BYOC ( Bring Your Own Controller), house controllers are usually available but conditions will vary.