Emma D’Lemma

  • award winning aerial and burlesque performer
  • has been to Circus school
  • was featured on Topo Chico’s Instagram page
  • hates ladders
  • performing with dem damn dames the last Friday of November

 Vivacious Miss Audacious

Vivacious Miss Audacious, the flame haired Whirlwind with the Crimson Grin, is an independent, globe trotting showgirl based out of Michigan. She’s the founder and producer of Shimmy Shack Burlesque and the internationally touring Luxotica Lounge Cabaret. For over a decade this technicolor dreamboat has toured across three continents showcasing her unique brand of vibrant hoop dance, acrobatics and variety arts with a mix of comedy, fierce striptease and glamour.

May Hemmer

May is known as “The Sassiest Thing in New Orleans” and has been dubbed the “Cocoa Barbie” by Vita DeVoid. This lady has a larger than life personality and has been gracing the stages with nerdlesque, neo burlesque, and much more since 2011 and has been cosplaying for almost her whole life.  During her time in New Orleans, she was a member of the Storyville Starlettes and The Bluestockings, performed regularly at Burlesque Ballroom,Big Deal Burlesque, and many more independent shows and private events around NOLA.

Now life has whisked her on to a new state…North Carolina! Now one of the newest members of the Discordia Dames of Greensboro, NC, she is also now a co-producer for the Discordia Dames Burlesque Festival. This fierce young woman doesn’t sit still! Not only has she traveled in the south but all over the country and is continuing to take the country by storm one state at a time. But did she stop there? No! Not only did she attend her first international festival by attending the Montreal Burlesque Festival, she is now the reigning Miss Montreal Burlesque.

Remy Dee

With a southern spice all her own, the “Cure with the Curves” Remy Dee has been singing since she could talk. Named for her favorite comic book character, this New Orleans lady joined the world of burlesque back in 2009 as a sultry songstress. But after falling in love with the art of the tease over and over – and after some encouragement from Jack Daniels – she learned how to shimmy, shake, and show off till the sun comes up over the Crescent City!

A proud member of several local troupes, Remy is also an associate producer of the Nola Nerdlesque Festival. She coordinates many charity shows and has written several burlesque parody plays, most notably her Nightmare Before Christmas Burlesque show.

While Remy has performed all over the country, she is deeply proud to call New Orleans home.

Photo by Richard Duarte

Casie Heim

She’s nerdy, flirty, and just a little bit dirty; Little Bo Peek is sure to transport you to the realm of your deepest fantasies. Specializing in nerdlesque, Bo has been dancing burlesque for 5 years and is head of MechaCon’s premier nerdlesque group: The Celestial Sinsations. Self taught, Bo’s style is a mix of neoburlesque with subtle odes to classic burlesque. Don’t let those baby blues fool you though, Little Bo Peek is a succubus with a love of all things shiny and sexy. Get too close and she just may just steal your soul. Is is worth it? Absolutely.