coteani” is a female vocal duo formed by solo vocalists popular in game music world.

Kotera Kanako a.k.a. “Kotekana” is a former “falcom jdk band” lead singer well known for theme songs of “The Legend of Heroes” & “Ys” series. She also sings in major arcade games as “Taiko Drum Master” by BANDAI NAMCO, “beatmania” “GITADORA” & “jubeat” by KONAMI.

Anemone Mournian a.k.a. “Animo” is a former all girl band “blue chee’s” vocalist/keyboardist. She sings in keytar trio “Trimonia” formed by “Puzzle & Dragons” & “SaGa” series composer Kenji Ito and “Side Kicks” composer / “SaGa Scarlet Grace” & “Sword of Mana” arranger Noriyuki Kamikura. She also sings in SQUARE ENIX app game “Labyrinth of the Grand Marche”, Anime “Radiant” and so on.

The sound producer for coteani’s 1st album that will be released on May 1st, 2019, is COSIO, former TAITO sound team “ZUNTATA” member. He is known as composer of “SPACE INVADERS EXTREME” “Alice Gear Aegis” and “Rolling Gunner.”

coteani have their YouTube channel and they are broadcasting their live show “Here comes coteani!” evey Wednesdays from MEGARAGE, an arcade live bar in TAITO STATION Mizonokuchi, Japan.

Kanako Kotera
Nickname: kotekana
Birthplace: Osaka

Nihon Falcom “The Legend of Heroes” & “Ys” theme songs as former jdk BAND vocalist

Vocal/lyrics of “Reminiscence-SHINY DAYS-” “My way, My life” “Iro ha Nihohedo Chiri Nuru Wo” from “GITADORA”, “Just Believe” from “jubeat” by Konami Digital Entertainmen

“Koi-Kurenai” from “Taiko Drum Master” by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Voice for TVCM Kalbee”Kappe Ebi Sen”, Kao “Quickle Wiper” etc.

Anemone Mournian

Nickname: Animo
Birthplace: Tokyo (Born in Shizuoka, studied in Victoria, Canada)

Vocal/lyrics of “Tears of Rain” from”Side Kicks!”, Insert song for “BUSTAFELLOWS” by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting eXtend

Vocal/chorus of theme songs of “Labyrinth of Grand Marche” by SQUARE ENIX

Chorus for Anime “Radiant” “CONCEPTION” & “Asobi Asobase”

TVCM for Mizuno “Breath Thermo”, “Edo Tokyo Museum” etc.