The Japanese Fashion track started at Oni-con in 2016 bringing a variety of designers from all different styles found on the streets of Harajuku and all throughout the world.

This year our guests are limited due to travel restrictions still being followed, but that won’t stop us bring bringing you a great show!

Our guests for this year include the return of Puvithel, one of our first guests in 2016, as well as Angelic Forest, making their fashion show debut!

Speaking of the fashion show, you can now apply to model for one of these amazing brands through

This simple site allows you to create a model profile to keep on hand with all that important information and for our guests to easily coordinate the show we will have. Applications for this are open now!
1. Make an account
2. Go to events
3. Click on Oni-con 2021 and apply!

We will be doing our best to provide to you all of the same great programmings we have in the past, including Q&A’s, the Fashion Show, and a more casual “tea party” we are calling “The Witch’s Candy Shop”

For more information about the tea party, and to buy your ticket now! Click here!