Writer, reviewer, madman – Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug hosts the webseries Atop the Fourth Wall, a weekly show where he reviews terrible (and sometimes not-so terrible) comic books while teaching his audience about the history of the medium and the various confusing plot points that DC and Marvel have introduced over the decades. Every October he dons some white facepaint and black lipstick and talks about good horror comics every day as the ghoul Moarte in the series “Longbox of the Damned,” but let’s face it – chances are good you know about him because every once in a while he’ll put up a multi-part, 3-hour long deconstruction of a season of Power Rangers. As the host of History of Power Rangers, he has done the important task that nobody asked for: deconstructing and analyzing a children’s show where people in spandex punch rubber-suited monsters based on footage from a Japanese tokusatsu show.

Come see him at his booth where you can ask such timeless questions as, “Why don’t you ever swear?” and “When’s the next History of Power Rangers?” or the always timeless “Who are you and why are you stealing snacks out of my cupboard?”