Manga Lounge

Manga Lounge Information and Rules

The Oni-Con Manga Lounge is back! Thanks to a partnership with the Rosenberg Public Library in Galveston and our gracious staff we are back for year 2. This year we will have even more manga to read with a better selection and longer hours. Come take a break and lose yourself in our over 2500 volumes of manga.


Location: Spinnaker



Friday- 12pm- 8pm

Saturday- 10am- 8pm

Sunday- 10am- 2pm

Checkout process:
There are two separate collections of manga to choose from: the Library Collection and the Oni-Con Collection. Find a book you like and take it up to the front where the librarians will then help you to check out the books.



  1. All checked out books need to stay in the room. When you are finished with a book please return it to our librarian.
  2. Food and drink is allowed but please be careful so that the books do not get damaged.
  3. The Oni-Con Manga Lounge is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. You agree to this by entering the room.
  4. Talking is allowed but please be respectful of the other people in the room.