For their first time overseas, this year, we are pleased to welcome Millefleurs, Mille-Noirs, and Mirufu!

Started in 1998, Millefleurs is a brand known for their classic and elegant clothing inspired by European silhouettes. Mille-Noirs was founded in 2000. This gothic brand made black mainstream. In 2002, Millefleurs and Mille-Noirs began selling at a few stores in Hokuriku, Shizuoka Prefecture and, in 2003, they expanded to KERA Shop locations.

In 2017, Mirufu launched. This brand creates dresses made from antique Japanese kimono. Enchanted by antique textiles, designer Watanabe handmakes each item, meaning each item is the only one of its kind in the world.

Representing these brands is store model Minami. As a senior in college, she helps fit models for fashion shows and more. Her hobbies include movies and music, and she plays the cymbals.

We are super excited to host these historic brands for their American debut! We are honored to have their designs featured on the runway and at the booth—get yourselves ready!

With such an iconic brand, what collections are you looking forward to seeing this year?