I’m thrilled to announce our first DJ on this year’s Oni-Con DJ Lineup is SaturateRecords recording artist and DJ NVRSOFT.

Music has been in Nvrsoft’s blood since birth. From her early days in school bands, through the past 8 years spent learning the ropes of DJing and production, she’s worked tirelessly to find her voice and make a name for herself in the fiercely competitive DC/Baltimore dnb scene.

And now she’s setting her sights around the world. Bringing her diverse background and influences such as jazz, hip hop, IDM, classical, techno, and punk to the dynamic world of drum n bass.

Nvrsoft believes that electronic music really embodies life’s potential, and can give people a magical escape that is truly unique to the electronic scene. And that feeling is an important factor that goes into every piece of music she makes, and every set that she plays. Nvrsoft knows the importance of music, and can’t wait to share that with the world, 174 bpm at a time.