A Rambunctious, mischievous, and fun-loving bird girl, Mori was the first creature to emerge through The Gate into our world. The youngest daughter of the ruler of the Court of Birds and Sky in her own plane, she came armed with little more than her sense of adventure, and dragged her constant companion Kai along with her. Mori is in our world simply to have fun and explore (and avoid the tedious responsibility of being a princess). Mori likes candy, games, and just having a silly fun time. While not quite the stinging trickster that her older brother is, Mori is still known to like getting a laugh at others expense (usually Kai’s) with light hearted pranks.


A ghost and Mori’s constant tag a long (or drag along), Kai would very much like to stay out of trouble on this side of The Gate. Being more level headed and remembering what life is like on our side of reality doesn’t really help Kai stick to this goal. More often than he would like to track, he finds himself caught up in Mori’s tornadoes of whimsy and adventure. Kai doesn’t seem to mind though; Mori’s antics and games keep him distracted from the fact that he can’t quite remember at all who he used to be on this side of the Gate.


Mori’s elder brother (by a century or two) and a valravyn, Val is a trickster and knight, and the leader of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Called from the front of the Court of Birds and Sky’s war with the Court of Beasts and Land by his father, Val has been given that task to track down Mori and return her to the palace so that she can start acting a proper princess. He doesn’t seem terribly pleased with having been given this task, and more oddly it doesn’t seem like this is his first time he has made his way around this side of The Gate.


Sometimes simply called Evi (much to her chagrin) by her husband, Evica is one of the last scions of the rulers of the Bats, a people exiled and despised for playing both sides early on in the war between Birds and Beasts. Her marriage to Val was arranged as much out of pity as it was for political reasons following the retaliation and decimation of the Bats’ lands and palace by both Courts. Evica seems to have come through The Gate to aid her beloved husband in his mission, but they do say you can never tell what a Bat is up to.