Love Letters From Amsterdam (L.L.F.A.) is a 24-year-old Penguin obsessed, DJ and Producer from Minneapolis, MN. He’s a music business major at the University of St. Thomas and likes to win at video games. Driven by an addictive passion for music and sometimes pho, Ravepulse brings vocal vibes, and rage to the crowd. In 2012, He was featured in Capcom’s Street Fighter 25th anniversary music collection with “Final Stage.” In 2014, his remix of “Am I Wrong,” by Nico & Vinz was featured on SiriusXM BPM/Electro and supported by host and DJ, Austin Kramer. Stunning dance floors all over the country with remixes of Vocaloid, anime, and gaming tracks. He is currently focusing on originals, collaborations and official remixes with local artists.