Oni-Con is pleased to announce the brand Royal Princess Alice! The brand will be a part of the fashion show, the tea party, signings, and panels.

Royal Princess Alice was founded in 2014. Since their inception, they have become known to release clothing that is “as elegant as a princess and Europe” and “mysterious, cute, and dark—like Alice’s world.” Royal Princess Alice has taken these inspirations and made them tangible.

The brand’s debut print, Royal Merry-Go-Round at Midnight, was a collaboration with Tama, a popular “girlish” watercolor painter. The brand continues to work with Tama to create prints such as Twinkle Snow Crystal and Antique Coffee Shop. This year, Royal Princess Alice is collaborated with another artist, Automatic Honey! They will be debuting the special collaboration at Oni-Con. Be sure to come check out this exclusive new line and see Aito’s newest designs!

You can find Royal Princess Alice’s web store here: http://royalprincessalice.net/