Oni-Con welcomes all types of press to our event. If you are interested in registering please email us. General requirements are below:

  1. Organizational information specifically including name and type of organization

  2. Names and contact info of people requesting press passes.

  3. Information on what type of coverage your organization plans to provide and an estimation of when that coverage would be provided to us.

Interviews: Once guests are announced for 2018, interview requests will be open. If you have a guest that you wish to interview please contact us so that we may facilitate that process. There are no guarantees that any interview requests will be granted.

Photography: Anyone is welcome to come and take pictures at our convention. If you would like to charge for photoshoots you must provide us with a Tax ID. For further information please contact: press.onicon@gmail.com.

Please direct all Press Questions and Concerns to press.onicon@gmail.com.