“STUDY WHO” is a 6-piece mixture band that uses a triple-guitar onslaught to deliver their distinct sound. Their music is created from melodic and mechanical vocals, profound and versatile guitars, singing bass, and attacking drums which causes a chemical reaction!! “Chemical Rock”!

 You must be captivated, no, you must be brainwashed when absorbing the sound of STUDY WHO!

Ms. Wednesday is a special wanted criminal who the F-ICPO is chasing. She is a manufactured Android built 100 years in the future but she has traveled back to the present with some of her experiments. We have their codenames and some of their characteristics but are unaware of their purpose. The only clue we have is that there is always music left wherever they go.

Ms. Wednesday


A scientist wrapped in mystery. She specializes in human experimentation and produces Androids. She has produced 13 to date. She escaped from the future with some of her experiments for unknown reasons.

TOPSECRET (confidential information) Ms. Wednesday is an Android (but she doesn’t know this).


The only thing she can remember is how to experiment on humans. Recently, she has been unable to suppress her emotions and can’t trust her own identity. She keeps sending ciphers and messages called “music” to the “heart” of living creatures along with her fellow escapees.



The first produced. Due to failure during the procedure, their only remaining human part is the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid emits light when tension increases.



Complications during the procedure led to a sense of smell 1000 times that of a dog. To help with this, Irish always wears a gas mask. Irish looks human but has countless microchips embedded in its brain. These microchips suppress their memory and emotions.



All Lilly can remember is hunting mushrooms. LILLY’s true gender is a mystery but the experiment left her with a face like an evil witch.



Yoichi's development is shrouded in mystery. Their identity can change considerably at times. One rumor states that its brain is that of Ms. Wednesday...



A former steelworker who died in an accident. RUBY was revived by an experiment but they suffer from complications of an infection. Silent by nature, RUBY likes to sing.



Although there are reports that 13 Androids were produced in the future, actual numbers are unknown.