Why should I sign up?

Volunteering is for those who want to help make a difference. At Oni-Con, we try to make sure our volunteers are able to enjoy themselves as well. The job is not hard and the hours are easy, but the difference you make is quite large. You will know that you are directly involved in helping the show run. Aside from the good vibes, we offer food, drink, swag and commemorative items.

What can I even sign up do to?

General Volunteer

This is your bread and butter job. The gears that run the machine. General volunteers are primarily used to check badges, man doors and help control lines. Depending on the conditions of that specific year, there may be other responsibilities placed on them as well. Being a General Volunteer is a good fit for both new and returning volunteers. This is the gateway to really being a part of the show.

Guest Relations- (requires Director Approval)

This is a very hands on role. You will work as directly with our Guests in this position. Guest relations volunteers do everything they can to assist guests (usually all day long) including, but not limited to: assisting with autograph sessions and handling the money at their booth, possible line control, keeping guests on schedule, and possibly accompanying them to and from panels.

Night Crew

The Night Crew will work exclusively overnight to watch both the Video Rooms and the Oni-cade. This is a lot to ask of someone so we have added additional benefits to sweeten the deal. The advantage here is that you only have to work one overnight shift to get credit for hours This means that you come in and work one night and get to spend the rest of your time enjoying the show while still getting food, drink and swag. Spots for this are limited.


Programming volunteers help ensure that panels and events run on-time and smoothly. They help out with things like prepping rooms for events, assisting with line management, helping to clear a room out after a panel finishes, and reporting issues to their supervisor.

Safety- (requires Director Approval)

Safety volunteers work in a team to help ensure the safety of convention attendees. This role will require you to be available all weekend.

Vendors- (requires Director Approval)

Dealers Room and Artist Alley are not like other parts of the convention. We are responsible for taking care of the vendors in the DR/AA. This require us to work long hours even before the convention starts. During the convention we take care of the vendors by providing help (such as watching booths, helping locate tables, chairs and many other things). Once the dealers room is closed we are free to enjoy the convention but have to be ready for the next day.


We do not allow submissions to be part of the Medical team. If you have medical skills and would like to help, please email me at onicon.tay@gmail.com and I can put you in touch with the right people.

Ok, I've signed up. Now what?

Please note that everyone that signs up to volunteer is originally placed as a General Volunteer. If you signed up to be part of Guest Relations, Safety or Vendors, you will need Director Approval. If you are accepted, you will then become part of that department. If you are not accepted or slots are full, you will return to being a General Volunteer.

The process after you submit the form is as follows:
1. I will email you a confirmation email with your link to pay your deposit.
2. PAY YOUR DEPOSIT. If you do not pay your deposit online prior to the show, you can ONLY be a General Volunteer.
3. I will send you a final confirmation email. If you signed up to be part of Guest Relations, Safety or Vendors, I will move you on to step 2 which is Director Approval.
4. As the show gets closer, you will get placed in touch with your point of contact for each department and scheduling will be handled then.

How do I check in and get my badge?

Check in will begin on Friday, November 9th at 10AM in the Volunteer Suite.

Where is the Volunteer suite?

The Volunteer Suite is located in Helm. This is the first door on the left in the small hallway on the first floor. This hallway is the one with all of the Panel Rooms.

What about the food you mentioned?

Food, drinks and snacks are available during the entire convention. We typically cook for breakfast and dinner and provide sandwich-making materials for lunch.

What about crash space?

Crash space is unfortunately not available.

Can I cosplay during my shift?

Yes, as long as it does not interfere with your ability to do your job (no masks, excessively large props, etc). This is also up to the discretion of your department head. Typically, you will not be able to cosplay if you are working Guest Relations or Safety.