Thank you for signing up to volunteer with Oni! We’d love to have you! Please read all the information below and fill out the form completely. There is all sorts of useful information found in our FAQ so please check that out as well if you have questions.

1. Time: 12 hours (divided in 4 hours blocks) or 1 overnight shift
2. Deposit: $35.00 either paid on site or online prior to con. IF YOU DO NOT PAY AHEAD OF TIME YOU CAN ONLY BE A GENERAL VOLUNTEER. This will be refunded to you after you complete your hours.
3. Age: You must be 18 and over to volunteer in most cases. Exceptions can be made.

1. All volunteers must abide by official Oni-Con policies and procedures.
2. Show up on time. No-shows or showing up excessively late for your shift will results in penalties up to and including forfeiture of your badge and/or deposit.
4. Don’t break the law. If found to be doing anything illegal, you will be asked to leave the con completely and forfeit your deposit. You will NOT be allowed to purchase a regular attendee badge.
5. Cosplay is generally allowed during shift but is up to the discretion of your department head and must not interfere with doing your job.
6. All volunteers must allow a photo to be taken for identification and scheduling purposes.
7. Breaking any of the above rules will result in forfeiture of your volunteer badge and your deposit. You will have to either buy a regular guest badge or leave the convention, unless you break rule 4.

General Information:
1. Volunteer Suite is located in Helm. It is the first door on the left on the first floor hallway with the Panel Rooms.
2. Crash space is not available.
3. Food and drink is provided all weekend in the Volunteer Suite (Helm).
4. More information can be found in our FAQ

If you have any questions or would like to join on a deeper level please email me at


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