Thanks for all your feedback!

Thanks everyone for attending Oni-Con XIII and making a great Oni-Con year after year. We’re working on making a better convention experience for you next year and thank you for all your wonderful feedback. We’ll be updating the website with more information early January 2017. Looking forward to seeing you all back for next year’s Oni-Con!

Guest Announcements!

Our first round of guest announcing brings you guys…

Voice Actor, Writer and Artist – Rikki Simons!


Artist – Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons (also known as Tavicat)!


Voice Actor – Lisa Ortiz!


Voice Actor and DJ – Greg Ayres!


Cosplayer – Mintplosion


And Fashion Designer / Cosplayer – Jesse Thaxton


More info on these guests can be found under the Guest Tab on the website, with more to come very soon. See you guys in October!