A Reminder to our Vendors

Hello all,

Just a reminder to those who have signed up for the Oni-Con 2014 Dealer’s Room or Artist Alley. Unless you have had official communication from our Vendors Director via vendors.onicon@gmail.com, your sign up or payment has not been logged with us. It is our policy that we do not accept any payment (even directly at a convention) with out some form of official communication with the above e-mail.

Thank you, See you all on Halloween!

- Lee Wilson
Convention Chair, Oni-Con

Artist Alley is Sold Out.

Artist Alley for Oni-Con 2014 is now officially sold out. The packet can still be filled out for those that wish to be put on the waiting list. Alternatively, there are still Table Top spaces available in the Oni-Con 2014 Dealer’s Room. Details on getting those can be found under the Vendor’s tab in the Dealer’s Room packet. Questions or concerns can be directed to vendors.onicon@gmail.com.

See you guys in October!


Musical Guests for Oni-Con 2014, Part 1.

Alright guys, here you go. The first batch of Musical Guests for Oni-Con 2014.

First of we have the band…

GANGLION_logo Qtjka5SfEPX6tmV0eNLoviEUl-67bDRueSvnFOwIX5Y

Also, you guys will be treated to a neat performance from these two…


They will be preforming along with Distant World’s pianist, Benyamin Nuss.

Lastly a brief reminder that the cost for Pre-Registration will be going up from $35.00 starting on June 1st (after midnight on May 31st).

For more detailed information on our Musical Guests, please see the full entries in our guests section.

See you guys in October!



Dealers Room Information Posted in Vendor’s Section

Hello Everyone,

Just a not to let people know that the Dealer’s Room packet, contract, and map of available space were just now posted up in our Vendor’s section. This means that we are now accepting registrations for the Oni-Con 2014 Dealer’s Room!

Please not that the Artist Alley packet and contract will be posted up on April 3rd, and registrations will be taken from that date onward.

See you all in October!

Shifting into gear for 2014.

Hello all,

We are busy at work on many exciting tidbits for our 11th year. Expect more information to be posted very very soon. There are some things in the works that the staff is chomping at the bit to tell you about, but we cannot do that just yet. For now, we are posting up our new general contact e-mail address, and reminding you of our dates.

As you can see from the new banner above, our dates for next year are October 31st – November 2nd. We get to fall on Halloween this year! Something that the staff is really excited about. We have more than a few trick and treats planned to mark the occasion. Raise your hand if enjoyed the candy our new mascots handed out last yeah. He he he.

Our new general contact e-mail is onicon.contact@gmail.com. This address is for you to use to get in touch with the staff directly for questions, concerns, and suggestions. Just clearly include what you are inquiring about in the subject line and it shall be passed on to the appropriate staff head. Also, remember that vendors.onicon@gmail.com is still being used for Artist Alley and Dealer’s Room information and onicon.tay@gmail.com is still being used for all things volunteer related.

We have many sights to show you, so please keep your eyes peeled on this site for new and updates.

See you all on Halloween!

PS – Remember that you can register for 2014 here.

Thanks for another wonderful year!


Oni-Con would like to thank you guys for another wonderful year! We appreciate how much of an impact each of you has had on us over the last ten years. Every attendee, volunteer, guest, band, staffer and performer that has worked with us is equally important and we can’t wait to see you next year!

Pre-Registration is available for next year, with dates provided as follows:

Oni-Con 2014
Oct 31-Nov 2nd, 2014
Galveston, TX

(Please give us some time to clean up the old website and get ready for next year.)

It’s Almost Here! Early Badge Pick-Up Reminder!

It’s almost here! Have a safe trip as you head down to the convention center and adjoining hotels!

If you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do most, take a look at our schedule and updated guest page!


Remember that from 8pm – 11pm on Thursday we will be open exclusively for Pre-Registration / Online Registration Pickup Only.  Regular Registration will resume on Friday will open up at 9:30 AM on Friday.
(Day Passes may only be picked up on the Day that the Pass is purchased for. Pre-Registration / Online Registration Passes will also be available for pick-up any time that Registration is open [not only Thursday].)

☆ http://oni-con.net/registration/


Registration Hours (At Convention)
Thursday, October 24th 8pm – 11pm (Pre-Registration / Online Registration Pickup Only)
Friday, October 25th 9:30am – 9pm
Saturday, October 26th 9:30am – 9pm
Sunday, October 27th 10am – 2pm