Putting a face to a name.

Those that stuck around for closing ceremonies last year will remember that a certain agent read a certain letter that came from a certain box. That letter was a warning written to our wonderfully mischievous mascot, Mori. That warning was that there were things coming for our beloved Mori as “darkness falls,” and it was signed by someone named Valentine, who also happens to be Mori’s brother.

What is Valentine planning? What will he end up doing? What is in store for our ever adorable Mori? We are not precisely sure yet. We are pretty sure that a certain agent would like to get his hands on Val even more than he wanted to get his hands on The Box. We are also able to let you all put a face to the name of this vexing and veiled Valravn.

Without much further alliteration, we here are Oni-Con are pleased to unveil… Val.


See you guys (and this guy) in October!