Attendee Registration

Online Registration can be accessed by clicking on the banner above or going to

Pre-Registration Passes
$55 – Weekend (2-Day) Pass (through Oct 3rd; Pre-Registration ends Oct 3rd at 11:59pm)

Online Registration Passes (starting Oct 6th)
$60 – Weekend (2-Day) Pass – Ages 13 & Up
$40 – Saturday One-Day Pass – Ages 13 & Up
$30 – Sunday One-Day Pass – Ages 13 & Up

On-Site/At-Convention Registration Passes
$60 – Weekend (2-Day) Pass – Ages 13 & Up
$40 – Saturday One-Day Pass – Ages 13 & Up
$30 – Sunday One-Day Pass – Ages 13 & Up
$25 – Weekend (2-Day) Child Pass – Age 6-12
$15 – Sunday Child Pass – Age 6-12
Free – Children Age 5 & Under

Registration for Oni-Con XVII (2021) will have a service fee of $2.00 for every convention badge purchased. For more information, please see the Service Fee section.

Child Passes for children 12 and under may not be purchased online through Pre-Registration or Online Registration and must be purchased On-Site/At-Convention (see Children 12 And Under section for more details).

Registration Hours (At Convention)
Friday, October 29th 5:30pm – 11pm (Pre-Registration / Online Registration Pickup Only)
Location: Hilton Galveston Island Resort Hotel (next door to the Galveston Island Convention Center)
Saturday, October 30th 9:30am – 9pm
Sunday, October 31st 9:30am – 4pm (subject to change)
Weekend Online Registration and Pre-Registration Passes may be picked up at any time that Registration is open (not only Friday). Saturday 1-Day Passes may be picked up Friday and Saturday only. Sunday 1-Day Passes may only be picked up on Sunday.

Rollover from Oni-Con 2020
All new barcoded Confirmation emails for rollover passes have been sent out and if you haven’t received a new barcoded Confirmation email, please email us at If you’d like to change information for your rollover Pass(es) or request a refund, please email us at

Children 12 And Under
One FREE Weekend Child Pass (Age 6-12) will be given for each On-Site/At-Convention Weekend Pass purchased (no free Child Pass for Online Registrations or Pre-Registrations). The child must be present for visual verification and the Weekend Pass must be purchased and used by the child’s parent, guardian or agent thereof (who must be 18 and up) and the parent/guardian/agent thereof must accompany the child at all times.

Service Fee
A service fee of $2.00 is being implemented for Oni-Con XVII (2021) to ensure a smooth and efficient Registration experience. The service fee is not being imposed by regIT but is being implemented by Oni-Con as a way to cover/defer credit card and other costs. The service fee is required for every individual attendee badge.

Group Discount
When purchasing 10 or more Pre-Registration Passes, each Pre-Registration Pass will be discounted by $5 automatically. All Passes must be purchased in the same cart/transaction for the discounted rate to be applied automatically before you checkout. Group discounts will only apply to Pre-Registration Passes and may not be used for Online Registration Passes or On-Site/At-Convention Registration Passes. Additional Pre-Registration Passes can not be added to a cart after the cart has already been paid for.

School Club/Group Discount
If you are purchasing Pre-Registration Passes for your school club/group, then you are eligible for a combined discount of $10 off per Pre-Registration Pass (combined between the Group Discount for 10+ Pre-Registrations of $5 off per Pre-Registration and the school discount code of $5 off per Pre-Registration). This discount is only valid for Pre-Registration and is not applied automatically but is a discount code that you may request by emailing and requesting a school club/group discount code. The deadline for requesting AND providing paperwork to receive a school club/group discount is October 2nd at 11:59pm CT. No discount codes will be provided after this time for any reason so please plan accordingly. You must provide both of the following documents (but it may be provided as one document) in your email as proof that your group is an officially sanctioned school club/group:

  • paperwork from your school indicating your official status as a sanctioned school club/group, and
  • a letter (on official school letterhead) from your school administrator approving your school club/group’s attendance of Oni-Con XVII (2021).

These documents may be provided in PDF format via email in order to receive the school club/group discount code but must also be provided as signed (where necessary) paper copies when picking up your school club/group’s Pre-Registration Passes at the convention. Failure to provide this paperwork when picking up Pre-Registration Passes may void your school club/group’s discount and require the payment of the difference ($5 per Pre-Registration Pass; you would still receive the Group Discount for 10+ Pre-Registrations) before Passes may be picked up.

Refund/Pass Transfer Policy
It is the policy of Oni-Con to not issue any refunds or credits for any reason. You may, however, transfer your Pass to a new Pass owner (although you would be responsible for receiving any money from the new Pass owner in the process of doing a Pass transfer).

If you would like to transfer your Pass to a new Pass owner, please forward your barcoded Confirmation email to, before October 4th, 2021, along with the following information about the new Pass owner at the top of the email body:
First Name:
Last Name:
Badge Name:
Date of Birth:
Phone Number:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Online Registration can be accessed by clicking on the banner above or going to